4 days left, then home.

Right now I’m feeling both sad to leave and anxious to be home. So it is all rather confusing.

People here are already asking when I will be back. Only God knows that one.

I’m paying for some palm trees to be planted on campus. I don’t really care what kind because what do I know about palm trees. For me, palm trees are one of the great symbols that say I’m no longer on the prairies.

Anyway, definitely in goodbye mode. Deciding what stays and what comes home, and what gifts still need to be given. This is all part of transition.

Tomorrow is my last class. It has been such a privilege to teach again, but I still hate grading.

Supper time, fish and chips. Not exactly classic Ghana, but a good post-colonial mix. The fish is smoked tuna. Looking forward to it.


Fish are a major part of the diet here, and easy to get.

Here is a woman walking around selling smoked tuna and salmon

She is waving a cloth over them to keep the floors off


Yesterday I ran out of water half way through my shower, the power was off for 14 hours and we ran out of propane while making supper.

On the other hand, I do have access to clean water by just turning a tap, when the electricity comes on I have a/c in my house, and Mary, who does my cooking, went to get another cylinder of profane from her place.

So in general I’m very spoiled. As Joe Walsh said, I can’t complain but sometimes I still do. (the previous statement of that song also applies)


My first week back in Ghana was mostly cloudy. Which means nice temperatures.

This week has been very sunny, so it’s hot. I’m getting tired of sweating.

In West Virginia we have many cloudy days, and people wish for more sunshine. Ghana has helped me appreciate clouds again.


It is surprising how easily ‘normal’ changes. This morning I hardly noticed the man sweeping the yard cuz around here the yard gets swept clean regularly. Cuz snakes and scorpions can’t hide on bare dirt. And they do hide in my lawn.


Today was the farewell service for Deb and Will. After Part 6 we were tired.

Part 6 was pics. After the group photo there were dozens of individual pics and selfies and videos


Today I had a 3-hour class on Ecclesiastes. That was 5 hours ago and my brain is still tired.